Parabasalidea: Cluster 8

Number of sequences (GIs)4
Number of distinct taxon IDs (TIs)4
Shortest sequence76 nt -- Tritrichomonas augusta 28S ribosomal RNA.
Longest sequence79 nt -- Pentatrichomonas hominis 28S ribosomal RNA.
Maximum alignment density1 0.984
Paralogous sequences present?2-
  1The fraction of non-missing nucleotides in an ideal alignment if no gaps had to be introduced. Low values indicate that cluster sequences are heterogeneous in length, with possibly only local homologies (for example, if one sequence is a complete mitochondrial genome, and others are single mt genes).
  2Assayed via a phylogenetic test of orthology (Sanderson et al., 2003), which checks whether a tree forcing all sequences from the same species to be a clade is significantly worse than one allowing them to be phylogenetically dispersed. If so, this is presumptive evidence of paralogy, lineage sorting, mistaken identification, or other causes of such incongruence.

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NCBI taxon name GI TI Length Defline
Hypotrichomonas acosta 9388 5735 78 Hypotrichomonas acosta 28S ribosomal RNA.
Pentatrichomonas hominis 9986 5728 79 Pentatrichomonas hominis 28S ribosomal RNA.
Trichomonas vaginalis 10860 5722 78 Trichomonas vaginalis 28S ribosomal RNA.
Tritrichomonas augusta 10364 5725 76 Tritrichomonas augusta 28S ribosomal RNA.

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