Cluster set at subtree whose root is 'Jakobida'

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Cluster IDParent clusterTaxIDsGIsLminLmaxMAD1Q2Tcfi3Defline of longest sequenceTree4
1-5917521863 0.978- 0.000Reclinomonas americana small subunit ribosomal RNA gene, complete sequence.
2-4511531237 0.949- 0.000Reclinomonas americana alpha-tubulin gene, partial cds.
3-4711621319 0.930- 0.000Jakoba libera clone 3 beta-tubulin gene, partial cds.
13-5712491860 0.827- 0.000Seculamonas ecuadoriensis elongation factor 1 alpha mRNA, complete cds.

  1 Maximum Alignment Density
  2 "Q" alignment comparison score between default Clustal W and Muscle alignments
  3 Level of resolution (consensus fork index) of the strict consensus tree built from the two bootstrap trees from Clustal W and Muscle alignments.
  4 Trees are unrooted majority rule consensus trees from 'fast bootstrap parsimony' algorithm in PAUP* 4.0 using default ClustalW alignments. Expect performance to deteriorate with low MAD or Q scores, large number of taxa, and high sequence divergence (largely owing to alignment problems). Only trees for (taxon) phylogenetically informative clusters with fewer than 1000 sequences are generated.

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