Sequence diversity and cluster set summaries (rel. 176)

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Phylota TaxBrowser Mirror Table
NCBI taxon name1   Descendant species2 Descendant terminals Sequences (GIs) Seq. clusters3 Phylog. inform. seq. clusters4
Feliformia   up to Carnivora 116 136 8741 515 82
    Eupleridae  (falanouc, Malagasy civet, ring-tailed mongoose and others)
7 9 144 79 7
    Felidae  (cat family)
44 62 7176 368 74
    Herpestidae  (mongooses)
27 27 370 102 8
    Hyaenidae  (hyaenas)
4 4 274 18 9
    Nandiniidae  (African palm civet family)
1 1 16 11 0
    Viverridae  (civets)
33 33 761 99 10

   1Names refer to node and its subtree unless the term "node only" appears.
   2Taxa at species rank as determined by NCBI (including this node). Note that some of these have not been formally named yet and are not retrieved in certain NCBI Taxonomy searches (e.g., Marina sp. Lavin 5341), but they are associated with sequence(s) and are counted as species here.
   3Clusters built by exhaustive all-against-all BLAST searches. For further information of about this see here. A dash (-) means there were too many sequences to cluster or no sequences at all.
   4Phylogenetically informative clusters have four or more taxa (not GIs) represented.